HaTy CuMeL :)

From heart to you.


It's easy to say rather then have to through it. To face something that not even me have the chance to defend. And i feel so sad about it. Yeah, very sad. I get angry with my own self. Nothing can comfort me. Your words, your character, your attitude, your moody madness and YOU make me feel like i'm gonna losing something precious in my life. You are the kind of capital I and ended with T. Yes  IMPORTANT. How will i face another day without you? a day, a weeks... It's already make me feel miserable. You are everything to me. I know something had happen and something have happen. because u not usually like this. U refuse to tell me because u know it's gonna hurt me much more. Can't u do something bout it? can you do something for me? for us? what i have right now, just waiting for miracle to happen.

"Our destiny will not change if we do not try to change it"

Everyday i try to comfort my heart, my self..

But it's seem i can't do it by my own self..

I need someone, Yes, i need you..

The time we have is too short. Even to everlasting a smile take a long time. It's been a year and i'm not usually like this. Ignoring people , ignoring situation, ignoring what will happen if i be like this. It's hard for me dear. It' s really hard. The second guy in my life is you after my dad. You are like everything for me. Even you are busy with your work, and sometimes u have a moody matter that even i can't expected it. but it's complete me. Why i never complain bout you? because every people do have their "lack" in their self, even you and i.

Thanks for everything syg, u make me happy even in your worst situation. Just, work it out. i want you to make me happy for the rest of my life. please.

And thanks to Allah coz make us met in our life. He teach me how to be patient and stand still with a person i love. And thanks to you coz make me be matured and think positive with my life.

"I do love you and always love you"

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