HaTy CuMeL :)

"My Nestle Incredible Story"

hey there !
today i would like to tell about 
"My Nestle Incredible Story"
what it is??
Nestle celebrating their 100 years !
im just about checking my email, and i saw NUFFNANG was sending me an email bout it..
and im just like "wow! its kinda interesting!"
so i join it..

so this is some of my billion story that i want to share..
its kinda funny because i started to know bout nestle since im about 2 or 3 years old.
who don't know bout nestle??
they have produce many product such as milo, nestum, coffemate and so on..
but the most favorite product that i still stick until now is Nespray, Milo, Nestum, Bliss and cereals.
so, this is one of my story.



its not to late to join !
and read the instruction !
its not just story and submit ! 
you can win prize also !
so, don't miss it !!
hurryy up!