HaTy CuMeL :)

when i'm speaking in English !

assalamualaikum !
salam Malaysia !

hye all..
how your day?
today i want to speak in english..
speak in what???
speak in english yea!
i know my English is very errr bad!!
(even doe my english result quite good, but in communication totally failed !)
not really bad..
kinda worst actually..
my grammar is quite messy !
i will put a lot of afford with dictionary beside me to type this kind of entry to you all !
im so sorry if the sentence i used in this entry is like "bahasa baku"
but who care!
(actually im totally care bout it, im afraid that people will laughing what im trying to say)
someone asked me ..
" Lea, are today is ENGLISH DAY?"
so i said.
" nope, im just trying to speak in English! i want to figure out how  to communicate in english without have to think so long !"
so, you know what happen???
its still take 15 second to think a word..
u see that..
sometimes im quite embarrassed with my lil cousin Iqbal.. 
he speak in english so well..
he only 8 years old !
how come 20 years old and 8 years old communicate together in english, 
but i dont know what he talk about!
but the sweet things i had heard from him last week went i went to his house at JB..
im entering his house, and greeting him.. 
he just looks and smile and said..
" your shawl is beautiful, and you looks beautiful today "
awcchh awwcchh !
"ouhh my cousin! thanks very much ! its was a very sweet !"
ok ! stop it !
if i keep thinking of it, i will act lil bit perasan !
why i speak in english today?
because i want to speak in english.
but why???
why english?  not malay as usual?
i'll try to make entry in english yang sesempoi like my malay entry..
obviously ! i failed ! so, try again later, thank you !

dah dah. merapu rapu je ! daaa u all !
p/s : nie just untuk suke suke jewp ! :)


  1. i more worse in inglish not only for speaking but all... grammer,writing and listening and all la and for your information i fail this subject and because of this hate this subject very2 muchh......

  2. maybe you failed but it's a good effort..!
    keep it up!!
    n you'll gain something!!
    Saye pun nak buat entry dlm english la... :)

  3. i only know English and Bad English. The End. LOL

  4. waah... good effort! keep it up girl!! ^^

  5. thanks guys, btw sometime its funny you know crate something that we doesn't know ANYTHING!i keep laughing what im suppose to write for the next sentence, coz im totally blank !

    @sampan kertas hahaha..its okey! u can use a broken english, like me :)

    @razil, heee. thanks! hah! try it! sure you will getting something!

    @acid haha.. funny! LOL

    @vxen thanks guys !